Planning Trip

Downtown Scenic Route notes: Pick up the trolley at any point along the route. The full route takes 1 hour to complete.
**Times and pickup locations reflect Summer 2013 route information. Summer 2014 information will be posted soon.

Future of Flight Tour

This tour package includes round-trip shuttle transportation and admission to the Future of Flight Aviation & Boeing Tour. The Future of Flight Aviation & Boeing Tour offers the only opportunity to tour a commercial jet assembly plant in North America. The tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view 747,767,777 and 787 jets being assemble on the Everett product line before taking to the sky. Each tour is approximately 90 minutes long and includes fascinating facts about Boeing and the planes that bear its name.

“Begin your journey in the Airplane Design Zone, where you will learn all about the technical nuances and design innovations of powered flight. Step up to one of the Design Zone computers to begin digitally designing a commercial jet of your own. Then “taxi” over to the Gallery Zones where you will be able to modify, test, and finalize your design at touch-screen computers before printing off the final schematic of your jet in the Future of Flight Store.”

Saturdays only

Pickup Location Pickup Time
Crowne Plaza 8:55am
Sheraton 9:05am
Hyatt 9:10am
Westlake 9:15am
Warwick 9:20am
Experience Music Project Museum 9:30am

Return Trip

Departs Future of Flight at 1:15pm returning to Seattle by 2:00pm

*The Flight Tour begins at 11:00am sharp.
**Must be at least 4ft. tall to participate in tour.