Vegan Sweets: Modern Sweets With New Innovation

Vegan Sweets: Modern Sweets With New Innovation

The development of modern society leads to the emergence of new trends in behavior that have a strong impact on the culture of food. Today in the world more than a billion people refuse to consume animal products for a variety of reasons – health problems, moral and ethical principles, a tribute to fashion.

Among the adherents of eating only plant foods, two main groups are distinguished:

– Vegetarians people who refuse meat and fish;

– Vegans are more strict vegetarians who do not completely use all animal components in their diet and everyday life, including milk, eggs, honey, skin and fur.

Features of vegetarianism and veganism

It is generally accepted that vegetarians and even more so vegans are limited to a very small set of dishes and food, and delicacies and vegan sweets are almost prohibited. It’s not like that at all. It has just traditionally developed that most of the goods in retail outlets are designed for meat eaters, however, now there are more and more places where you can choose confectionery products, desserts and sweets that do not contain animal components.

There are many goodies that not only vegans and vegetarians can indulge in, but also all consumers who stick to the right diet. After all, the composition of such products often does not include eggs, margarine, cream, and other animal components; manufacturers often refuse to add artificial additives – preservatives, flavors, dyes. Such confectionery products do not increase blood sugar, do not affect weight, and are well absorbed.

Vegan sweets

Vegetarian and vegan sweets

Sweets are not only tasty, but also very useful for your body. It has been proven that your brain associate sugary foods with pleasure, relaxation and a sense of contentment, so the desire to “eat something sweet” is natural for everyone. When switching to a vegetarian style of eating, you just need to change from e-clairs and cakes to more correct delicacies dried fruit sweets, marshmallows, marmalade. Moreover, such a transition has a positive effect on the quality of products traditionally, such confectionery delights are more useful, since they consist of natural ingredients.

The basis for the creation of vegetarian sweets are fruits and berries, juices and purees from them, nuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, dark chocolate. Such products do not contain eggs, milk, gelatin, traditionally agar-agar or pectin acts as a gelling agent in them. Vegetarian sweets, which are available in the assortment of the online stores, can be consumed during Orthodox fasts, and many of them are also marked with the halal sign.

Many products are made without added sugar; natural fructose, which is found in berries, fruits and vegetables, acts as a sweetener. Such healthy sweets can be afforded by adherents of strict diets, people suffering from metabolic disorders.

Food for vegetarians and vegans is still not widespread, but in large cities there are outlets that are completely dedicated to vegetarianism or have departments with such products and sweets. Most confectionery for vegans and vegetarians is offered by online retailers and custom-made companies.